November 23rd 2016

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Well we have been thru many ups and downs as far as band members go. We have always strived to find the most like minded people to be in the camp with us, and I say today that we have found our new guitarist and man do we love him! Please give a nice EN warm welcome to Mark Alexander as our new second guitarist! We are looking forward to many more shows and shenanigans with you brother! Welcome aboard! Come out to a show and say hey to him!

New stickers are here!!

August 6th

Show Updates

  • August 19th Kent OH @ The Outpost W/ Single Bullet Theory
  • October 8th Akron OH @ Tim Owens Travelers Tavern W/ Lydia Can't Breathe
  • October 21st Beckley WV @ Muncheez
  • October 22nd Spartanburg SC @ Groundzero
  • October 23rd Winston-Salem NC @ The Crows Nest

May 16th 2016

Check out the interview with Bryan for Peridore custom drum sticks!!

May 4th 2016

Check out the interview with Bryan of Erasing Never Friday night May 6th!

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March 6th 2016

Thank you to everyone visiting the new website. Wanted to post some news about what is going on with Erasing Never. We are still trying out new guitar players. Nothing new to post on it as of yet, however if you are interested in trying out and think you have what it takes. please contact us Via our FaceBook page at this time. Also we want to let everyone know we do have a few shows going on in April. April 3rd Akron Ohio @ Tim Owens Travelers Tavern W/ Fall of Humanity, April 7th Kent Ohio @ The Outpost W/ Lydia Can't Breathe, and April 30th Akron Ohio @ Tim Owens Travelers Tavern W/ One Hit Kill. April 30th is to celebrate our good friend Rob Lockhart's Birthday. hope to see everyone there!!